Proficient in a wide variety of materials including granite, marble, limestone, bronze, wood, glass, steel, and more, Abraham has been working as a professional artist since 2004.  

Abraham Mohler

professional sculptor, based in Saint Louis

Artist, Abraham Mohler specializes in Sculpting the human figure and is noted for his superb ability in representational sculpture.

His style is a blend of 19th-century sensitivity to realism with a more modern taste for using the textures of tool marks as a way to relate to the viewer,

Abraham delights in making art that takes the best from art history in order to tell intricate stories about humanity. In many ways, he sees his duty as an artist as one of sifting through the rubble pile left by modern and post-modern ideas and finding the broken but valuable material from which to reconstruct and re-present a vision of the True, the Noble, and the Beautiful.

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