The Winged Man

If you knew how the story ended, would it change the way you live? If so, what holds you back? Is it anxiety about the cost?

“What would you do today if you felt free from the burden of fear?”

That’s how the pastor put his question to us on Easter Sunday.

This past year I’ve been enjoying the thought of what creativity might look like in the New Jerusalem. On this side of the river, Time is like a block of stone. We can’t make more of it, and we can’t stretch it out. We just have to utilize the block that is in front of us. The desire to make a sculpture that is larger than the block it arrived in is constant. It is maddening.

The ancient creed ends with “I look forward to the resurrection from the dead, and the life in the world to come.” When the bondage of time constraints goes away, what endless possibilities might there be? What will our resurrected bodies look like? What will our hands be able to do? Would we be able to sprout wings and fly? I, for one, would like to know more about what it means to be a “little lower than the angels” and “have dominion over the work of His hands.”

That’s what my hands are practicing today.  – Abraham, April 2023