• The Winged Man

    If you knew how the story ended, would it change the way you live? If so, what holds you back? Is it anxiety about the cost? “What would you do today if you felt free from the burden of fear?” That’s how the pastor put his question to us on Easter Sunday. This past year…

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  • Capturing a Moment in Time

    When a certain grandfather saw the light and joy in the eyes of his young granddaughter, he knew that was an emotion he wanted to save, and a mental photo just wouldn’t do. He commissioned Abraham to create a bust of his granddaughter, smiling with her teeth still coming in and hair blown a bit,…

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  • Custom Onyx Vessel

    We have so many wonderful clients with artistic vision. It is always a joy when we can match the vision, with the raw stone, and the finished product. Such was the case in late 2021 with the idea of a custom scallop shell sink, the discovery of a beautifully marbles piece of raw onyx, and…

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